Draft Riders

If clubs have extra eligible riders who are not in a club team then they may be put forward by their Club District Commissioner to be allocated into the draft pool.

Drafts will need to be entered separately using the form below.  On acceptance the club will be invoiced the $80 entry fee per combination.

Drafts will firstly be allocated to existing teams where required within seven days of entries closing.  If enough drafts in each category a composite team will be entered. The committee is committed to giving all draft riders the opportunity to ride.

Drafts cannot be called back to their team without a vet or medical cert from the combination they are replacing once practise rounds have started.

If a draft rider is not able to be placed in a team, they may compete as an individual and be eligible for individual and equitation placings on acceptance of entry by the Organising Committee.

The Organising Committee reserves the right to make any adjustments at their discretion.

MPC Draft rider form

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