Show Hunter Allowed and Disallowed Gear

(As per booklet complied by ESNZ Show Hunter)


  • A correctly fitted cavesson noseband
  • Spurs: Including spurs with a smooth moving ball
  • Short Crop: max length 75cm including the flapper
  • Leg boots and/or bandages
  • Standing or running martingale
  • Breastplate
  • Any form of snaffle bit where the primary action is on the horse’s mouth, including corners of the mouth, bars and tongue.
  • Pelhams and Kimblewicks if used in their entirety (with a correctly fitted chain) where the primary action is on the horses jaw. Pelhams must be used with either two separate reins or joiners. A slotted Kimblewick may only be used where the reins are not fixed in the rein slots.
  • Double Bridle
  • Stud Guards

    Not allowed

    (use of “not allowed” equipment will result in a no-score for the performance)

    • Drop or any kind of noseband below the bit
    • Unconventional bits where the primary action of the bit is on the poll, including a leverage action causing downwards poll pressure eg. Butterfly bit, puzzle bit, gags, pessoas or Dutch gags
    • A Kimblewick with the reins used in the slots is considered a fixed rein bit therefore not allowed.
    • Filcher snaffles, hanging bits or fixed rein bits
    • Bitless bridle
    • Hackamore and Elevator bits
    • Unconventional bit used as an artificial turning aid
    • German Martingales, Market Harboroughs
    • Chambon or other training equipment and draw reins
    • Dressage whip
    • Rowel spurs: any spur with a moving part, with the exception of a smooth moving ball
    • Shadow roll, stone guard, fly screen or nets
    • Ear muffs
    • Bit Guard
    • Bell Boots and Fetlock Rings (unless the judge chooses to make an exception due to extremely muddy and/or deep footing) or a veterinary injury requiring protection.

    The judge must be informed of the injury before the class or result in a “no score”

     The Judges Advisor committee has the right to assess the use of any bit as allowed or not allowed. Their decision will be final.

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