2023 Rules

  • The aim of this event is to encourage Pony Club riders to compete in Show Hunter in a relaxed, fun, friendly and encouraging environment while experiencing a Championship atmosphere
  • Teams: A team is made up of 8 club riders. 2x Cat A, 2x Cat B,  2x Cat C and  2x Hacks.  All riders must be current financial members of NZPCA and fulfilled the minimum working rally requirements

Where a club are unable to field a team of 8, they can apply for draft riders. Where a team cannot field a team of 8 and no draft rider is available a default score of 40 will be allocated.

All riders must supply their NZPCA membership numbers at time of entry

The event is limited to entries from 24 teams

Rider and Mount Eligibility: There is no height restrictions on ponies in each category but striding is based on A 10ft, B 10.6ft, C 11ft and Hack 12ft.  Hacks must compete in the hack ring.  Max jump heights Cat A 60cm, Cat B 70cm, Cat C 80cm and Hack 90cm

All Rider ages are taken at the first day of competition.  To ride in each Category you must be:  Cat A – under 15yrs   Cat B – under 17yrs   Cat C  under 21yrs  Hacks under 25yrs

All mounts must be over 4yrs old. No stallions.  One mount per rider.

Competition Format: Event Consists of 5 SH rounds including one equitation run over three days.  Day 1 – practice rounds, every pair gets 10mins in the ring with their one coach.  Day 2 – 3 rounds,  Day 2 – two rounds and prize giving.

Event will be run accordance with the following regulations:

  • NZPCA Fair Play Charter
  • NZPCA Code of Conduct
  • NZPCA General Regulations
  • NZPCA Health & Safety Programme
  • ESNZ Show Hunter Rules


Team Event: All 5 rounds contribute to the final team score. Each team may drop their lowest score per round.

Final placings will be awarded to the overall top 6 teams

Individual competition: All four SH round scores are totalled to gain each individual final score (excluding equitation). Placings are awarded to the top 6 in each round in each category and the to 6 overall in each category

Pairs: The scores of both riders from the same team in that category will go towards the pairs combined score. Placings are awarded to the top pair in each category for each SH round. Equitation is not included in pairs.  Ribbons will be allocated to the top pair of the overall competition

Equitation Competition: Placings are awarded to the top 6 riders in each category

Ties: in the event of a tie, the head judge will make the call judged on the judges sheets

Other prizes:

  • Pony Breeders – Top scoring pony registered with the pony breeder’s association.  (Proof of registration needs to be cited.)
  • Morgan Horse – Top scoring horse registered with the Morgan Horse Association
  • McLeay Trophy – Top scoring Manawatu Rider
  • Philippa Bell Trophy- Overall Highest scoring Pair

Safety: All Teams are asked to do a gear check each day, All gear to be in line with ESNZ SH rules “Equipment Allowed list”

Falls: All falls require rider and parent/ manager to present themselves at the first aid tent and rider be checked prior to getting back on their horse.   If a rider sustains  3 falls over the entire weekend  in the ring  then they will be disqualified from further completion in the event.


Amendment to entries will be accepted up until one hour prior to the start of the Practice Rounds on Day 1.

All Horses are required to have an ID tag worn their halter at all times when not being ridden. It needs to contain their team and owners contact details

All riders will be issued with a rider number.  When mounted, these need to be worn at all times over the weekend by the rider.

Only the rider allocated to that mount is allowed to ride that pony over the weekend.

Non Competition Horses:  Non-competition horses must not to be ridden in competition and warm areas.  There will be a small allocated area provided for you to ride these mounts only.

Any queries please email Emma on info.mpcsh@gmail.com

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