Reminder:  Please take the time to thank our event sponsors as per the list that was provided in your team packs,  without our dedicated sponsors,  this event would be very difficult to host.

  • 2020 Top Team
  • Cat A Overall Winner – Sponsored by Float Factory
  • Cat A Equitation – Sponsored Scenic Equestrian
  • Cat A Overall Pairs
  • Cat B Overall Winner – Sponsored by Martin Beveridge Ltd
  • Cat B Equitation – Sponsored by Larsen Collison Repairs Ltd
  • Cat B Overall Pairs
  • Cat C Overall Winner – Sponsored by Dunstan Horse Feed
  • Cat C Equitation – Sponsored by Farmlands
  • Cat C Overall Pairs
  • Hack Overall Winner –  Sponsored by Macphersons
  • Hack Equitation – Sponsored by Macphersons
  • Hack Overall Pairs
  • Pony Breeders – Sponsored by Pony Breeders
  • Morgan Horse Association – Sponsored by the Morgan Horse Association
  • Horse Management – ****** – Sponsored by Quality Presentations
  • McLeay Trophy for Manawatu –
  • Philippa Bell Trophy for the highest scoring pairs –

It must be understood that riders nominated one equitation mount only prior to the commencement of the show. Both Equitation scores are included in the team score.


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