The following are some questions that we frequently get asked for the MPC Showhunter Championship Event.  Please feel free to email anything else that you feel would benefit others if we added the questions and answers to this page.

1.         How do we make up our team?
A team is made up of six to eight riders  ( two riders to compete in each of the four categories )  from pony clubs throughout New Zealand.  Please note these are club teams not branch or area teams.  To help clarify this – it is clubs who send teams to Cambridge Show Jumping Champs and North Island Teams Training Champs.  It is branches that send teams to zone games, and it is areas that send teams to Dressage Champs and Horse Trials Champs.  So, it is the same body that sends teams to Cambridge SJ Champs that can send a team to MPC Showhunter Champs.

2.        Can we send composite teams from more than one club?
This is something we will look at on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us and discuss it.  But please remember these are club teams and not branch teams.  Read the previous question if you are confused between club and branch.

3.        Can we send more than one team?
If you are able to field more than one team, please let us know as soon as possible.  If there are large entries there may be an issue with space.  We will let you know if there are any problems once entries are all in.

4.        Team Composition
We have clubs asking the same question every year – can one rider compete on more than one mount  ie: ride a Cat B mount and a Hack? Remember that the team must consist of a minimum of six riders.
As per previous events, we require dispensation from your DC advising that by riding two mounts you are not displacing another rider, and that you are complying with the five rally rule.

5.        Can we have draft riders?
If you require draft riders to make up a team, please contact us.  Also, if you have riders who would be happy to be draft riders for another team, also please notify us.  Remember that we require a performance history for all those wishing to put their name forward as a Draft.  We will advise you as soon as possible if there are draft riders available, and we will accommodate as many as possible that wish to ride as a draft.  The aim is to provide a great competition for as many riders as possible, and give them all a chance to show us their stuff!

6.        Can a child on a full size pony ride in Category A?
Category A, B and C classes are all for ponies.  If a member of your team is on a full size pony, and wants to ride in Category A, that is fine with us.  Please be aware that the classes are done on striding though, and a full size pony may not get the required strides in on a Category A course, which could affect the scoring.

7.       What are the jumping heights per category?
The heights are approx
–  Category A  – 60-65cm
–  Category B – 70-75cm
–  Category C – 80cm
–  Hack  –  90cm
As this is a Pony Club Event,  we do not put a height restriction on the ponies as SHNZ do – any height pony can enter any Category, but a hack must jump in the hack ring.  It is based on the striding – A is 10ft, B 10ft6, C 11ft and Hack 12ft.  So if you have a 14.2 pony that can do tight strides, they can ride in Cat A, and if you have a little 11hh pony that can really stretch it out they can ride Cat C.

8.        Are riders over 21 able to compete at MPC Showhunter Championships?
With the updated rules for NZPCA,  riders that are over the age of 21 and under 25 can ride if they are in the season they turn 25.  If someone turned 25 in Feb of this year they can not ride in October. However if they turn 25 at the beginning of the season, ie August, they can ride in October.

Riders over 21yrs and under 25yrs can compete at MPC Showhunter Event on a Hack in the Hack class only.

9.      Can a Pony compete in the Hack Ring?
As this is a Pony Club event,  ponies can compete in any of the pony rings as we put no restriction on the height of the pony to any of the categories, but no – a pony can not compete in the Hack Ring,  only hacks can.

10.      Can a Stallion compete at MPC Showhunter Championships?
The issue of stallions attending the Showhunter Event has been raised.  Our committee wish to advise that owing to the limitation of our venue and the safety issues that this raises, we can not cater for stallions this year.  This issue will be reviewed on an annual basis.

11.      Rider age on a pony at MPC Showhunter Championships?
At the MPC Showhunter Event, riders over 17 riding a pony must compete in the Category C Ring.

However,  as stated in Point 8, riders over 21yrs and under 25yrs must compete on a Hack in the Hack class only.

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